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       We are currently suspending our monthly auctions at Flomaton Antique Auction for an indefinite period of time. The corporations (Flomaton Antique Auction, Inc. and Historical Acquisitions, Inc.) are undergoing reorganization and I am not completely sure of what direction they will be taking. I am not currently set up for small lots of consignments, but I would be interested in discussing/advising/brokering larger consignments.

      Until I find a resolution in this antique market / economic situation, I, Nevin Heller, will be focusing on special purchases / acquisitions and also on fine antique restoration. If you have any questions, are looking for that special piece or need a large selection of period furniture for your shop you can get in touch with me personally, via the website Circa 19th Century.

Nevin Heller
Antiques, Circa 19th Century

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Fine Antiques
Circa 19th Century

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Auctioneers may include Herbert Heller, ASBA#464, Nevin Heller, ASBA#1094, Guerry Wise, ASBA#1752, Ashley Weaver Babb, ASBA#1954, Bill Garrett ASBA#1947 and/or Neal Collier ASBAA#2701.